Ekim Customs Brokerage is the one of firm that can establish online connection with the customs authorities of the Republic of Turkey via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system and by this means customs clearance transactions are completed very fast without wasting any time. Our aim is to make customs clearance tasks which are complex and difficult most of the time, easy for our customers and to ensure customs clearance of their goods in the quickest manner.

We guide you through the customs process. Customs can be confusing. And the requirements vary greatly from one country to another. That's why Ekim Customs Brokerage stays up-to-date on all Turkish and international regulations.

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You can consult us and obtain information from our Customs Brokers all of whom are specialised on any subjects covering customs clearance transactions such as foreign trade Customs Clearance Regulations, Imports, Exports, Warehousing, Customs Regimes, CTSP Determination, Free Zone, Inward Processing, Temporary Import, Return To Country Of Origin, re-export of the imported goods and similar customs clearance transactions and processes and any other similar custom clearance areas.